Richard O’Bryan was born and raised in the beautiful state of Maryland on Kent Island in Chesapeake Bay.

At a very young age, Richard displayed an impressive intellect and an almost photographic memory. In the 7th grade, he was encouraged to make a list of 100 things he wanted to do in his lifetime. As of this biography, he has only seven of these goals left to accomplish. His life has been a fabulous adventure so far and one that most people could only dream about. Although he has no children of his own, Richard has decided to adopt the world and share the story of his fantastic mission and journey.

Richard’s first great teacher and mentor was John W. Selby. Selby challenged him to become a true Renaissance man, and he instilled within him the value of living a virtuous life. To Selby, the noblest of all callings was a life lived in the service and commitment of others. He believed that gifts were to be shared with others and that even one person can make a positive difference in this world.

With this motivation, Richard has tried to live up to the sacred trust and responsibility that his own gifts call forth. As a result, Richard has become an artist, accomplished author, musician, educator, and veteran.

Richard is a former officer in the United States Marine Corps and was handpicked by Lt. Col. Oliver North to be his personal assistant and one of his operations staff officers. For a time, he was also a professed religious brother in the Capuchin Franciscan order.

Over the years, Richard has been admired by his teachers, peers, and students for his depth and breadth of knowledge in many diverse subjects and disciplines. In addition to writing four books on his own, he has collaborated on three history textbooks as well: Why Teach and Other Things, a book on education; On Virtuous Things, a book on philosophy; Mellow Rays, a book of poetry; and A Voice in the Night, a book of essays, meditations, observations, and prayers . Most recently, Richard has published his book Josh and Me.

Since leaving the classroom in 2005, Richard has been led to a career of motivational, inspirational, theological, and educational public speaking. He accepts no money for any of his bookings, however, believing that it gives greater credibility to what he says. His only motivation is to share all of the wisdom, knowledge, and grace that his many gifts have brought to him. He simply wants to prove that one committed and dedicated person truly can make a difference in this world today.

Richard has always believed that life is much more about vocation than occupation. He has struggled to be a constant in this world, trying every day to make his actions consistent with what he believes. He has prayed for the grace and the courage to be known as a person of virtue, of truth and of character, and he has tried every day to be a person of light in a seemingly dark world.

Richard has been married for the last 26 years to the love of his life, Karen, who is an artist and an art teacher in a catholic high school near their home in western Pennsylvania.