"Nature and Prayer"

In quiet humble silence
Nature teaches all who will but watch her
To pray in a way that is most pleasing to God.
Soft, warm spring winds
Gently play the creator's quiet music.
The new blades of green grass and the leaves on great and little trees
Gracefully dance and their movement
Pays humble homage to the Master of all creation.

The flowers and blossoms scream
With their colors of thanks
While crickets and frogs
Raises a symphony of song
To their heavenly Father.

Mountains and valleys
Offering up their height and many shades of green and white
While swiftly running streams and mighty rivers and oceans
Offer up their cold and wet
Their never ending tide and currents.

Natural prayer is not of words or of deeds.
The prayer of nature is always that of simplicity!
It is the prayer of just being.