"The Old Man Looking Out to the Sea"

There he stands facing the sea that constantly calls,
With his back to the land, cane in his hand.
This old one is reliving in silence
A life that went where ever
And whenever the sea called.
He is celebrating a spirit
That has seen so much beauty
That life offers to all who will but listen or see.
Yet few have the faith or courage
To answer this call.

All who don't know the wealth and hope
That is brought by true freedom,
They call him a foolish old man.
They scorn him because it appears to them
He was never settled or tied to a place.
What they don't understand is that the
Secret of his life was movement.
For him to kiss the stars,
He had to soar to the heavens.
He choose to love and serve the sea,
He felt the tender caress of each wave.
His heart felt the pull of the tides,
In faith and freedom's name he just let himself go.

He had tasted and known human love and kindness.
These passions filled his heart and spirit for a short time,
But his spirit and soul demanded greater food.
He needed to be at the pure islands
When baptized by the morning sun.
His heart and eyes yearned to see the snow-covered mountains.
He had to know the calm of the sea with its violent storms.
The wind in the sails was the breath of his spirit.
His ears learned to hear and to recognize the song of the very sea itself
And he could join in each verse and refrain.

This old man who always faces the sea,
His back to the land with his hat in his hand,
Is pitied by those who do not know or understand his graces.
To their observations and judgment
He has nothing to show
For his life lived.

It will only be when their time comes,
When it is their time to take their only and last voyage
That they can ever understand the value of his life.
They must leave behind all of that which they have known and held.
All of that baggage which they called their material wealth.
They face this unknown ocean for the first time and see only its void,
Its darkness and its bottomless depth.
They now face a terror they have never known before.
They cling to the land because they are terrified to leave.

Whereas the old man
Still carries within his heart and mind
All of the things his life purchased.
Those thousand tiny memories and details,
Of the simplicity, beauty, and majesty of all he has seen and known.
He has faced both heaven and hell
So he knows no fear.
This old man with his hat in his hand,
Standing with his back to the land,
With his face to the sea,
He is not afraid of what lays beyond the land
In the vast sea.
Unlike the others he is not facing the unknown,
The old man is simply facing home.