"Who Will Sing My Song?"

Sing for me not a sad song.
But for me a song with a melody so sweet
That each and every note
Has been graced and kissed by the sun.
Let each measure and line
Speak of my wishes and dreams.
Let each chord tell of my faith and hope.
Sing verses of my smiles and laughter
Of my tears and joys.
Save the sweetest words to tell
Of my friends and my loves
My noise and my silence.
Let the harmonies celebrate
My plans and journeys my highs and lows.
Let it end with the story of
The height of my spirit
The depth of my soul.
Finish my song with this refrain:
That I had finally found my true freedom,
I had finally learned to fly.
So when you sing my song with friends
Or sing it when you are alone
You will find comfort and peace in these words:
My love and spirit will always dwell in your heart and soul,
This truth being so, then I can never really die.